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In our opinion in today’s scenario of Global competitiveness, we should gear up ourselves in such a fashion that we can be able to compete at national and international level.  Therefore, we should raise the quality of our product at par without increasing the cost.  In this regard, we hereby offer our services to industry/consultancy in the following ways :

  • Laboratory set up
  • Provide training  to chemist/analyst
  • Method validation in Laboratory
  • New Product Development
  • Cost Minimizing while production with continuous consultancy
  • Plant study, Process know-how and quality improvement
  • Technology up-gradation and guidelines for machines installation
  • Basic/detailed design with performance guarantee
  • Energy Audit
  • Maximum utility of available resources
  • Guidelines and analysis of water used in industry    
  • Control of acid value/free fatty acid
  • Control of dark colour in oil
  • Removal of green colour in oil during the harvesting season
  • Removal of foaming in the oil
  • Pungency optimization
  • Removal of problem for oil splitting during frying
  • Quality check e.g. adulteration etc.
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