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  • Development of mustard meal based bio-fungicide
  • Enzymatic hydrolysis of mustard oil for extraction of major fatty acids like erucic acid for industrial application
  • Extraction of allyl-isothiocyanate (active ingredient) from mustard seed and cake to be utilized for various agricultural and pharmaceutical purposes.
  • Extraction of anti-oxidants from mustard cake to be utilized for various food and processing industries
  • Development of technology for detoxification of mustard oil cake for value added products
  • Extraction and purification of isolated mustard protein for human consumption
  • Development of technology for degumming of mustard oil without refining to make mustard oil low absorbing oil.
  • Degummed mustard oil
  • Medicinal massage oil based on mustard oil
  • Standardized technology of mustard processing
  • Extraction of mustard oil by enzymatic process
  • Isolation of lecithine from mustard oil to prevent foaming of oil during cooking.
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