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MUSTARD : Healthy Oil for Healthy People

India being the 3rd largest vegetable oil economy in the world, ranks 2nd in the production of Mustard Oil. Mustard Oil has been the pre-eminent culinary fat for over 3000 years for Indians, West Asians and China.  In India diet, the main source of fat is cooking oil.  The fats from vegetable oils are essential components of certain harmones.  Edible vegetable oils, particularly MUSTARD, is nutritious for health, due to its uniformity of fatty acids and natural antioxidants.  Mustard oil reduces the risk of cardiac diseases and enhances the quality of life. As Mustard oil is cost effective and is easily accessible, it remains popular even in a community with low socio-economic status.

Due to rapid urbanization, the topsy-turvey life of people has led tohighly fatal diseases like psychological stresses and various cardio-vascular ailments.  This can only be reduced by nutritional intake of low saturated fats like Mustard.
Thus the Mustard sector gears up to face the challenges of international competition.



Fields of Gold

Rich Golden Yellow

Ah, its distinct aroma

And the Spicy Flavour

Nutritious, for the Rich and Poor

And good for the Heart

Keeping it Robust and Ticking

Fresh, Our Very Own

From the Indian Farm

With us through Thick and Thin

Trusted for the Millenia

A Symbol of Our Culture

A Priceless Heritage

And then, Which other Oil Fills

The Festival Lamp

And is Sacred Enough

To be offered to the Gods

And the Heavens Above!!

                                                            Dr A K Bhatnagar

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