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About Us :
Mission Statement
Policy Statement
Governing Council
Research Adv. Committee
  • To conduct R&D for increasing production of mustard, enhancing oil quantity and quality and modification of agro technologies to suit the particular conditions.
  • To conduct R&D for developing hybrid of mustard crop having more disease resistance, frost tolerance, drought tolerance and saline soil acceptability.
  • To find out various possibilities through R&D for diversifying the utilization of mustard crop and its allied products for value addition of this crop.
  • To conduct various mustard oil related R&D and explore its benefits because of the presence of natural antioxidant, healing properties and diverse medicinal uses.
  • To carryout R&D for isolation of various bio chemicals from mustard seed for various industrial and analytical purposes and explore consumption of mustard oil cake for human beings and its uses in bakery products as well.
  • To pursue R&D for mustard oil Kacchi Ghani units for extraction of more pungent mustard oil, modification of expelling units on scientific grounds, power saving protocols for expelling units and proper pungency development packages.
  • To undertake and implement various projects in rural areas for the upliftment of rural masses and to assist, suggest and provide ways for their better living and face lifting their economic and general outlook.
  • To carry research in the field of cattle and poultry feed, in order to enhance further value addition of oil cake.
  • To promote the usage of mustard oil and related products through an organized channel responsible for disseminating meaningful information.
  • To pursue the formulation of equitable domestic trade policies through constructive government-industry relations.
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